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Without warning, a family is brought to its knees when they must choose between the destruction of their idyllic family and the life of their infant son. When Nicholas is born 100 days early, he weighs only one pound and faces impossible odds for survival.

Exposing the rawest of human conditions by portraying her family with unflinching honesty, filmmaker Nicole Conn invites the viewer to probe the most private of questions with her: when does caring become cruelty? and at what price life?

“Such a personal piece of filmmaking, Conn makes Michael Moore look like an impartial observer” writes film critic Steve Warren of Miami’s The Weekly News. Tim Grierson of LA Weekly calls the film “an altogether riveting portrait of motherly devotion at its most primal.”

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Tags: documentary, preemie, premature baby, disability, nicu, neonatal intensive care unit, family, lesbian, gay, parenting, parents, ethics, abortion

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Nicole Conn
Writer, Director, Producer

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